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Ripple Cash
  • What is Ripple Cash ?
    Ripple Cash is a global, decentralized cryptocurrency designed with the sole intention of making it a frontline cryptocurrency which can be used in real world for making day-to-day transactions. 

  • How is Ripple Cash different from other cryptocurrencies?
    Ripple Cash targets to become the next generation payment system that would be largely adopted by the entire world. We aspire to be the most utilized cryptocurrency. It just does not wishes to be another cryptocurrency with no real use case.

  • What are the main highlights of Ripple Cash ?
    -> A smart contract ERC 20 token created on the Ethereum network.
    -> Fast transaction speed to cater to real world situations.
    -> Secure transactions as it relies on the tried and tested Ethereum network
    -> It is a Proof-of-Work (POW) token.
    -> A token that is focussed to build its own community and give it back to its own people in leaps and bounds.
    -> For additional details, please refer to the "

  • What is the Initial Go-To Market Strategy of Ripple Cash ? 
    -> Ripple Cash would adopt the strategy of 100% fair launch. We do not wish to venture into the ICO or investment funding rounds. We shall get ourselves listed in Exchanges and this shall allow the interested investors to buy our tokens.
    -> The ideology is driven by multiple reasons which forms the core ethos of "Team Ripple Cash" and are listed below - 
            *  We are self-funded, financially affluent evangelists who wishes to transform and revolutionize the crypto space. We believe that healthy distribution of token supply can be achieved only by this fair launch adoption.
            *  Further, we are a genuine project with clear, strong and honest intentions and hence, want to hit the market first before asking investors to put their hard earned money on us. We want everyone to believe that Ripple Cash is genuine and is here to stay and disrupt the industry. Our belief in our credibility allows us to take this bold stance.


  • How Ripple Cash plans to penetrate into the market ?
    Our entire strategy can be found in the "Whitepaper and the Roadmap section". Please note that our strategy would remain dynamic forever and can change any time with the only motive of doing what is ideal for our entire investor base and the project in itself.


  • Ripple Cash - Important Details :- 
    Token Symbol - RPCH
    Token Name - Ripple Cash
    Token Contract Address - 0x6f0a7aa19425752ff39d9f568c9d930ef30997ed
    Token Decimals - 8